Juggling is something I marvel at, the skill to weave continuous patterns of objects in the air battling the lawof gravity is fascinating. As an interest, it can be explored practically or theoretically, and the possibilities are endless. To practice it is both therapeutic and challenging, beautiful and exciting, and cheap!

I always wanted to be able to do it, thought I would be able to, but didn't bother to learn for ages. When I did, I wish I had done sooner; it's easier when you are younger.

Having mastered (?!) basic 3 ball juggling I went on to more complex patterns, extra balls and clubs. However I've only been going a handful of years and would describe myself as barely capable.

As a result of my casual interest in juggling, maths, science, tactile devices and the like, I have designed and made a few, admittedly frivolous, tools for the trade:


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