Skeleton Dice

I came up with the idea of a die that was fashioned from a solid lump of material but had a maze of tunnels so that it was practically hollow. This evolved into what you see here, which I call 'Skeleton Dice'. I believe them to be unique, having not seen anything like them anywhere else.

None of these dice are meant to be used, some being more biased, delicate or damaging than others.

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Image These are the first 2 versions I made in 2011, one from solid hardwood (measuring approx 1.5 inches) and one from solid steel (1 inch).

The dice are standard configuration (opposite sides add to 7), but the pips on each face are aligned to a consistent grid so that positions are matched on opposing faces.

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Image Each pip is a hole either drilled completely through to another pip opposite, or until it meets the furthest intersecting hole possible.

If the die is thought of as 27 small cubes (3x3x3), 25 of these are drilled creating an internal maze with 21 entrances (the pip holes).

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Image This next wooden version (also made in 2011) is different, the 'one' pip is a large hole drilled almost through, the pips on the other sides are holes drilled into it. The pip holes are arranged around the central pip (or point) on each face.

Having made the 'hole' versions I had the idea of reversing the concept in some way, whereby the pips were supported by a minimal frame. This became this next design made in 2012, where the name Skeleton Dice is probably more appropriate.

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Image It is made from steel cubes at the corners and where the central pips are, connected by brass bar. The bar and additional brass inserts in the steel defines the pips.

Overall the die is 40mm on each side, with the cubes 10mm. The brass bar is 3mm diameter.

The steel and brass bar version above was always something of a consolation for my first idea of a reversal of the original 'hole' design above. I originally wanted a version where the holes were bars with their ends making the pips. This frame construction would then be housed in a transparent plastic cube to make the die, with the pips flush with the surface. For a long time I thought this construction was beyond my capabilities, at least to do it justice. Finally in 2017 I had a go at a prototype and this is the result.

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Image The bar construction is made from from 12mm oak dowel which is stained on the ends. The transparent cube is made from 2mm thick acrylic.

Overall the die is 60mm on each side.

Next stop - Steel Dominoes.

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