A W Faber "Castell" 344

(25cm Scale, Enhanced Mannheim)

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A W Faber "Castell" 344 (1922)
Image Summary
System: Enhanced Mannheim
Specialization: -
Type: Closed frame
Material: Pearwood
Facings: Celluliod
Scale Length: 25cm No of Scales: 8
Front Length: 280mm Front Width: 27.5mm
Language: English Origin: Bavaria
Date: 1922, November
Features/Notes: -
Scales (colours as shown)
Front: A [ B, C ] D | K Back: [ S, L, T ]
Labels Left: - Labels Left: All, as scales
Labels Right: - Labels Right: All, as scales
Style: Railway track (double) Typeface: Serif
Extensions: - Decimals: As units between 1 & 2 on C & D
Gauge Marks: p (3.14) on A & B
M (1/p=0.318) on A & B
C (1.13) on C & D
C1 (3.57) on C & D
Rulers: inch on top edge
cm continuation in well for longer measurements
Features/Notes: Oddly, there is a cm continuation scale in the well but no other cm scale, which usually appears on the top or bottom edge.
Stock: 2 part split stock joined with steel springs (DRGM 522689, 1912; DRGM 452965, 1911).
Braced with longitudinal metal strips (DRP 206428, 1908).
Left and right viewing cutouts with index marks, in back for reverse of slide.
Bevelled top edge, square bottom edge.
High cursor grooves both cut parallel to front face.
Shallow rebate in back .
Front, well, top and bottom edges celluloid faced, secured with wooden pins (DRGM 371190, 1908).
Length x Width x Height (mm) - 280 x 34 x 10
Slide: Double sided
Braced with longitudinal metal strips (DRP 206428, 1908)
Celluliod faced on both sides, secured with wooden pins (DRGM 371190, 1908)
Front face width (mm) - 12
Cursor: Missing.
Would feature an extension tab on bottom runner with index for K scale.
Printing (colours as shown)
Stock: "344 * A.W. FABER" + ""CASTELL"" between lying castles on front lower rail in the centre, sans-serif.
"D. R. PATENT. No 206428" on front lower rail towards the left end, sans-serif.
"MADE IN BAVARIA" on front lower rail towards the right end, sans-serif.
"Quot. +1" and "Prod. -1" on the left and right ends respectively of the front lower stock rail, sans-serif.
Slide: -
Cursor: -
Labels: On back, paper table featuring conversions and mathematical and physical constants.
Box (colours as shown)
Style: Rounded L x W x D mm: 290 x 45 x 20
Material: Cardboard Colour: Black
Construction: 2 part, internal sleeve join.
Metal braced ends.
Poor condition, most of the black as come off, having been covered in tape at some time.
Printing: "A.W. FABER" and underneath to the left "D.R.P. No 206428" on the front, very faded.
Labels: Large advertising on back, probably originally red/green on white but impossible to tell as top face has come off having been heavily taped.
"344" and "MADE IN BAVARIA" smaller underneath with solid border on white, model number sticker remnant on right hand end.
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